Logistics Systems (LSI)

LSI provides fast, reliable intermodal shipping of container cargo worldwide. We augment previously hard-to-reach areas with state-of-the-art tracking and delivery systems, using RFID. By forming alliances with logistics providers we direct cargo movement on a global basis, mainly for minerals, liquid coal, biofuels and other commodities.

Green Gold Systems (GGS)

GGS is an energy infrastructure company that provides reliable, dedicated power almost anywhere in the world. We primarily use CTL (Coal to Liquids), geothermal, and other advanced technologies.


Provides access to water for large projects such as mining, industrial use and agriculture. This may include desalination, re-charged aquifers and irrigation.

Global BioFuels Systems (GBF)

GBF facilitates all necessary arrangements to provide transportation companies with a dedicated supply of blended biodiesel. We work with local farmers to grow the jatropha curcas tree for the biodiesel feedstock. We also partner with local companies to build the infrastructure for processing the feedstock and producing biodiesel for export. Additionally, we form alliances and joint ventures for shipping, blending and delivery activities.

Air Premier (AP)

Air Premier provides prepaid Business First Class air travel services to pass holders, from anywhere to anywhere, in cooperation with air travel alliance partners. Its strategy aims at providing a viable and long-term sustainable solution to the airline sector, which is currently struggling under heavy debt, daily cash flow limitations and a systemic inability to cover the cost of capital.


We are the "architects" for the pipeline, liquefaction plant, re-gasification plant and storage infrastructure so that oil and gas arrives where it is needed. AmRos directs the transmission of stranded oil and natural gas to the Murmansk port and finally to Baltimore or Churchill, Canada.

Telecommunications Architectural Group (TAG)

TAG creates strategic alliances and joint ventures with telecommunication companies for the enhancement of the global telecommunication infrastructure. Our purpose is to create better access for entry-level local telecoms enabling them to provide a better customer experience.

Digital Experience (DEX)

DEX was created to revolutionize the movie theatre experience. The goal is to convert up to twenty thousand traditional screens to full-fledged digital display systems with 3D capability. By using high speed fiber optic cable, the DEX system is able to transfer the data from a central location to many different locations simultaneously, for various forms of entertainment events.